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25.01.02. --This is the first web set I've drawn for our new project, Miz Graphics!. Do you like? I was so nervous about publishing...it's been so long since I actually made linkware graphics (and felt good about them.) So here it is...my homage to an African Safari.

A few notes about this set, since we're all just getting comfy and used to this thing: 1-Please read the terms of service Jenna and I have created before downloading anything. It's very important to both of us that we all understand and abide by the "house rules". 2-Either download the .zip or .sit file, or right-click and download the graphics to your own computer. Please do not directly link to the graphics. 3-The title is customizable, all you have to do is ask. mail us at mizgraphics@mizjenna.com if you're interested. 4-a "sample" of this layout is included in the .zip and .sit files just in case you'd like to use it for your site. you are also welcome to view/source for the code. 5-please use the matching link logo to link back to our site in exchange for use. the URL is http://www.mizjenna.com/~mizgraphics.

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Wow...I can't believe we actually got our acts together and got this place running. It feels so good to have a web project other than my own dinky site. Ahhh.... Well, I hope at least somebody out there likes this!

Miz Dos


fonts used: "Bizzy Bee", downloaded from Beary Cute Fonts and "Comic Sans MS".
animal clipart from: Animal Clipart.com

you gotta love those monkeys!

download in .zip format(pc)
download in .sit format(macs)



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