gimme some PDA, sugah
Techno Love, Baybee!

i firmly believe this holiday was invented by Hallmark. i can't be convinced otherwise. but here's a nice little heartsy, red template anywho. happy valentine's day? happy techno love day, baby.

font used: "Silkscreen" by kottke.
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please remember to right-click and save to your own computer, or download the zipped/stuffed set. (according to your computer's personal preference. cuz' this is all about the love. all about the looooove.) speaking of looooove, wanna know what my sweet Mom did for me? she saved every single valentine i ever got when i was a kid. it's kinda cool to thumb through them--there are Scooby Doo ones, Johnny Quest ones, the obligatory Barbie ones, all kinds of funky old things. the sentiments aren't all that special, in fact, they're pretty much all the same: to brandy from so-and-so, happy valentine's day. kind of cute though. especially thinking that all those kids are adults now... we grew up! what a trip.

i should prolly explain the little widget in the menu, eh? i was listening to Madonna "Bedtime Stories" whilst pixelating and coding. good times, good times. :D anywho, have a super-spiffy holiday!

~xoxo, miz dos

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true love feels so right.